VoIP phones and traditional landline phones serve the same basic purpose of enabling voice communication. However, VoIP phones offer numerous advantages over traditional landline phones, with one of the most standout benefits being that VoIP phone services can help you save up to 90% on your monthly phone bill! But what are the other incredible things that a VoIP phone can do which a landline cannot?

  • Flexibility and Portability –Since VoIP phones aren’t tied to physical locations (unlike landlines), users can log into their VoIP accounts from any device with internet access, allowing users to make phone calls from anywhere in the world. This makes VoIP especially beneficial for remote workers.
  • Unified Communication –VoIP doesn’t just function as a basic telephone; it does so much more by incorporating video and text into a single platform. This enhances collaboration and streamlines communication within organisations.
  • Scalability – Adding new lines often involves minimal setup and configuration, unlike the traditional landline. VoIP systems can easily accommodate growing businesses without requiring lots of additional infrastructure.
  • Integrations with Software – Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP phones can integrate with may different software applications, like CRM systems.
  • Multi-Device Support – VoIP account can be used on many different devices simultaneously, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and more. This allows the user to switch between devices seamlessly, a capability beyond that of landlines.
  • Easier Maintenance – As VoIP systems require much less hardware compared to the traditional landline, it makes maintenance and troubleshooting much easier, as it reduces the need for extensive wiring.

Whilst VoIP systems have an excellent and extensive feature list, it is worth noting that they are dependent on a stable internet connection. Quality is affected by the network, whereas landlines aren’t affected by internet connectivity but lack the advanced features and cost saving. Knowing if moving to VoIP is right for you is something many business will have or will be considering in the near future. If some of the following comments relate to you, it’s a good indication that you should consider moving to a VoIP System:

  • “I have a high-speed internet connection and would like to lower my phone bills.”
  • “I run a small business and phone bills are a significant part of my overhead.”
  • “I like the convenience of taking my number with me as I travel.”
  • “I’d like to utilize attractive features such as conference calling, choice of any area code, voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, etc.”